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EJournal™ - The Journal Printer Eliminator

Demo Now!

Load EJournal™ on a PC and Try It Now.

Note: For full functionality you must purchase EJournal™ and receive the "Key", a flash drive with the required license files.

Download Demo Software
Follow the link to download your limited feature demo now.
EJournal™ Download Demo (Version 1.1.3)

New in this version

  • Added upgrade support to installer
  • Fixed Commander End of Line parsing

Nice and Neat, EJournal
Download Install Sheet
Click the link to download the quick install instructions.
Nice and Neat, EJournal
Download User Manual
Click the link to download your demo now. EJournal™ User Manual
This gives more detailed instructions on how to set up EJournal™. How to interface to many POS types and how to start data capture.
Nice and Neat, EJournal
Simulate Journal Data
You can use another PC with a serial port to simulate the POS.  Typically you use a female to female NULL MODEM or cable to connect from the "POS" PC to the PC with EJournal™.  You can build up the equivalent cable using gender changes and NULL MODEM adapters as necessary.

Then down load the file, "raceway2.txt" by clicking on the image link to the right and saving the file to your "POS" PC. Use Hyperterminal to "Transfer, Text" and send the file to the EJournal™ PC.
Sample of a journal file in text formate
Try with Your POS, Buy or Build the Required Cable.
On some POS system, you can disconnect your printer and connect to the PC running EJournal™. You may DB9 cable, appropriate gender changers and a NULL MODEM adapter.
If you are handy, you can build a splitter cable. From the POS to the printer connect all wires. To the EJournal™ you need to make only two connections. You need to connect ground. This is pin 7 on a DB25 serial port and pin 5 on a DB9 serial port. You need to connect the TX line from the "POS" to the RX line on the EJournal™ PC. On a DB9 TX is pin 3. On a DB25TX is usually pin 2 but you should also try pin 3 if the connector is non standard.
POS <=> EJournal™
   TX <-----> Pin 2  
GND <-----> Pin 5  

Notes on Multiple License Setup.
How to setup windows to automatically run additional instances of EJournal™ when you purchase multiple license key.

An excerpt, "...Start Up Additional Licenses

As installed, the first license of EJournal™ starts automatically when the computer is powered up. To start additional license automatically at computer power up requires placing a short cut corresponding to each additional license into the Windows Start Up folder...." 

Setup notes for Multi License EJournal(TM)
Searching Files
Although they are simply TXT files, EJournal™ saves them with the extension ".jrl". Searching these files is as simple as using Notepad or Wordpad. However a better search can be made with the free program Notepad++.
Watch the video to see it in action.

Example for Finding All Voids

(For best results, watch this in full screen)

Download  Notepad++ and give it a try.

Supported for your success.

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