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EJournal™ - The Journal Printer Eliminator

Is this you?

Journal tape got you bound? Can't find what you want?
Buried under paper?
Wrapped up in paper Stop
                Boxes of Journal Tapes
                Boxes of Journal Tapes

Do You Want to-

Stop printing all that paper?
Capture your journal details?
Find any day's journal fast?
Search for items at the speed of computing?

If so, the journal printer eliminator, EJournal™, can help.

Nice and Neat, EJournal

Capture to disk, Use your PC

Capture your journal data with your PC. Saves journals to hard disk.

Saves one file each day.

POS End of Day report can trigger end of day file save.

User forced end of day button.

Time of day forced file save for when the end of day report is forgotten.


The EJournal™ Basic Philosophy of Operation.

EJournal™ runs on a Windows PC under XP, Vista or Windows 7. This might be the same PC on which you capture your surveillance video or even a notebook PC dedicated to journal capture. With the EJournal™ software and one of our EJournal™ splitter cable assembly you can continue to run your real printer and capture the journal electronically. Or you can replace your printer entirely with EJournal™.

Supported for your success.

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