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Loss Prevention Solutions for Cash Registers and POS, text Insertion and DVRs

VRX Company provides a spectrum of complete loss prevention solutions. Whether you want simple, but effective, or you want full featured POS, Text Insertion and DVR solutions, we have it.

Cash Registers for Easy Text Insertion

Text Insertion, Like Magic, but really it's just great Engineering!

Jump 2 Transaction©

(POS Integrated DVR)

Cash Registers for an Integrated Solution
VRX Company Text Inserter for POS intergration with DVR.
DVR with POS integration featuring Jump 2 Transaction (CR).

Cash Registers

VRX Company and our installers have extensive experience integrating Cash Registers, Text Inserters and  DVRs.  An absolute requirement for successful is that you must have data from the Cash Register.

Pick the right cash register for your application:

1. For bar's and food service we suggest the ER-285. You can get two of these for the price of one of the expensive cash register with features you may never learn to use.

2. For a Convenience Store with a larger price list we suggest the ER-650. This register allows a larger selection of inventory.

3. If you want a 12.1" Flat Panel Touchscreen and Wireless Networking Capability, the Casio QT-6000 POS Terminal is for you.

Stand Alone Text Inserter

Stand alone Text Inserter works with many Cash Registers and POS systems and with your existing CCTV system.  If all you want to do is add Text Inserter to find and prevent loss, our Stand Alone Text inserter may be the only solution you need.

Easy Install.

Connects just like a Pole Display or Journal Printer.
Can signal POS events as an alarm to DVRs.
Works with motion detection feature of many DVRs.

Read more about stand alone VR2004 Text Inserter.

POS Integration to DVRs  (POS2DVR©)

For occasional inspection or spot check of suspect transactions, you can look through your POS journal records for transactions prone for loss and then search your video by time. However,  VRX Company integrated POS, Text Inserter and DVR systems can speed the process. 

Alarm 2 Transaction©

Find a suspect transaction and watch the video in seconds.
Simple DVR systems accumulates events as an Alarm from any of our three key words identified by our Text Inserter. Connect the simple DVR to the internet and from your office or home you can search for the Alarm events , jump to them and see how the transaction happened.

Jump 2 Transaction©

This DVR accumulates a list of transaction events based on key words and POS events. From your office or home you can select filters for the events you want and them jump to see what happened.

SAM4s ER-650 Easy to Intergrate for Text Insertion
Text Inserter for POS, Scale and GPS
DVR with POS integration Alarm or featuring Jump 2 Transaction (CR) models available.

SAM4s Cash Registers

VR2004 Text Inserter

VRX_6_8_500 or VRX_6_16_500 DVRs 

VRX Company Integration Applications

VRX Company solves tough integration problems. Call us for more assistance!



VRX Company Text inserters for POS SCALES ATM SAFES and
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