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Text Insertion for IP CCTV!
The digital end to end HD Camera Technology
Technology keeps moving and so does the VRX Company Inc.

VR100IP Text Inserter for IP Camera and NVR

VR100IP IP Video Text Inserter

World's First stand alone, IP Text Inserter!

  • The VR100IP pulls a stream from an IP Camera (Network Camera), decodes the compressed video in to full motion video in memory, synthesizes a graphics plain with text, blends the graphics text with the full motion video, encodes the video and then streams to NVRs (Network Video Recorders). 
  • If your surveillance has gone HD now your text insertion can too!  The VR100IP is software running on a small form factor PC with an i7 processor.
  • Text insertion supports resolutions 480i, 720P, 1080P (and for some up to 2048 x 1536) IP cameras.
  • Supports streaming over RTSP and HTTP with video encoding of H.264 (and some MJPG).
  • POS interface can be serial data input or IP.

    Watch a demo. (Click the box for full screen on this 1080P video.)

    See more demo videos at: SAMPLE LINK!

Easy for Security Professional

Video Text Inserter Operation

The Photo Sequence above shows the Text Insertion in action. With a Video Text Inserter (aka Video Overlay) installed the transaction text is inserted into the security camera video for monitoring and recording. This will allow a store owner to double check transactions and have a record of any unauthorized transactions.  The store owner can spot loss to stop loss and resolve disputes.

Does Your Text Inserter Work With My POS Type (or customer display or printer type)?

Odds are YESCheck out our KIT page which has many solutions for common POS /ECR systems. Even if your POS is not one with which we have previous experience, our text inserters are highly configurable for different POS types, Customer Displays (aka Pole Display or line display), and Journal or Receipt Printers. Please visit our compatibility page for more details at: Pole Displays, Printers, POS Systems, and Cash Registers. If you have a serial output for a customer display or journal printer we should be able to find a combination for you. Our generic operation works with most POS systems. You can reduce the number of characters and the number of lines of characters to match the text inserter to your particular application.

Our Goal is Simplicity!

At VRX, we would like to make retail loss prevention technology installation simple. When you buy from us we do not just sell you a text inserter and leave you on your own. We share our extensive experience interfacing to POS systems to lead you to success as fast as possible.  

Provide our Customers with a configurable Unit and simple operation.
Our Point of Sale Applications provides a wealth of user configuration options. We can provide specific recommended settings for many POS systems. The VR100IP even allows data interface on IP.

Keep it simple for installers.
Our VR100IP IP Video Text Inserter for Point of Sale Applications has set up through a web browser of all interface options.

Make it easy for POS Vendors.
With a wide range of emulation options, we can provide the POS system vendors or security vendor installers with a product that is easy to integrate into multiple POS software solutions. Customers will like that our simplicity and compatibility makes the text inserter forward compatible with future version of POS systems. They can change brands of pole displays or printers without having to worry about compatibility.

We are the designers and sellers of the VRX Company Inc. products. We are located in the USA so you can talk to experts. We stand behind our product and will assist you in getting the unit configured and successfully integrated in a customer's location. In addition, we are willing to offer customization (for a fee) of the product for unusual applications.

We design and sell directly to you.

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