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NOTICE: VRX Company Inc. is closing. Finals Sales till October 31, 2017.
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Final days of close out sale. Last day to buy is October 31, 2017

Sale of new product has stopped.

Tech support for recent sales (< 1 year) continues till November 30th. 2017

If you are re-purposing (changing to another POS type) you may be able to do it yourself. Read read about our kits by POS type Video Text Inserter Kits by POS Type and check out the install sheets for ideas.
If you would like to pay for tech support visit this page:
Support, Re-purpose VR2004 to another POS type.
If you would like to pay for tech support for visit this page: Tech Support for Other Vendor's Products

We lead you to loss prevention success.

VRX Company Text inserters for POS SCALES ATM SAFES and
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